Press Registration

Press Room Guidelines and Media Accreditation Policy for the 2017 ANA Annual Meeting

Who Can Register

Press passes are issued to individuals representing a recognized news organization, including freelancers who contribute to such organizations. The ANA reserves the right to inspect the credentials of anyone requesting a press pass and to refuse to issue a press pass.  Reporters and editors of newsletters can obtain media registration if their publications are external (not internal company newsletters). The ANA will review applications on an individual basis.

Press Registration Form 2017 Press Kit


The ANA considers the following to be official credentials for media:

  • A recognized press card
  • A current National Association of Science Writers (NASW) or International Science Writers Association (ISWA) membership card
  • A business card clearly showing media affiliation and positions (such as editor, writer, producer, reporter, etc.)
  • A letter on official letterhead from an editor of a recognized publication or a producer of a broadcast program certifying that the individual is covering the conference for the respective organization

Freelance reporters should register in advance with an assignment letter from a qualified media outlet.  Freelancers who want to register onsite at the meeting must have credentials as listed above and an assignment letter from a qualified media outlet.

How Many Can Register

We will admit a maximum of two writers/reporters and one photographer from any newspaper, magazine, newsletter or other regularly issued general interest or health/science publication.  A maximum of four persons from a television network will be approved.

Who is NOT Permitted to Register

Publishers and individuals involved with public relations, marketing, sales, circulation, advertising, or any other non-editorial function are not eligible for press passes.  Industry representatives and members of public relations firms, advertising agencies or representatives of corporate public relations/advertising/marketing departments may not register as media.  

What Sessions Can Registered Media Attend at No Charge
  • Scientific Symposia
  • Faculty Development Sessions
  • Interactive Lunch Workshops
  • Special Interest Group Sessions
  • Poster presentations
Observation of Release Times

All media representatives agree to be bound by the embargoes and release times stated on the news releases, news conference and schedule and other materials issued by the American Neurological Association.

Photography, Video, and Audio Recordings

Those wishing to take photographs, videotape or record any part of the Annual Meeting must receive prior clearance from the American Neurological Association’s communications staff.

Media representatives must pre-register online. At the meeting, they must present their credentials at the Registration Desk to receive a name badge, which will be required for entry into any American Neurological Association function.

*NOTE: We recommend that you contact the ANA at least two weeks prior to the meeting if you have any doubts about your eligibility for press registration.